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“Take the Leap of Faith into the Abyss of Belief”

Growing up in Florida, much of my early inspiration came from the vibrant sunrises, breathtaking sunsets and boundless ocean vistas. I was fortunate enough to have parents who deeply encouraged my appreciation for art and music. While art has always been a part of me, it was their support that gave me the courage to pursue this magnificent journey.

The path of my adventure began at the University of Florida where my formal training started as a student of Architecture. As I pursued new inspirations, I continued my studies at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale as a Graphics Art Major and finished my formal training at Florida Atlantic University where I obtained a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts. While my educational experiences were valuable in my pursuit, I believe that much of what I have learned is self-taught through the rigors of trial, error and determination.

Working as a graphic artist for many years; twenty years in the newspaper industry, I continued to create my fine art pieces. Spending endless hours practicing my skills, experimenting with different mediums, pursuing my artistic passions. With my background in architecture and affinity towards the sublime, I initially focused on mixed medium abstract sculptures created from found objects, brightly painted with surreal airbrush designs.

Inspired by many visits to the American Southwest as well as the numerous art galleries in the region, the dream of moving West and pursuing art as a full-time career consumed me. With a singularly focused vision, I followed my aspirations and moved to the mystical South West where I knew my life and my art would never be the same.

Living in New Mexico has allowed me the opportunity to explore the beauty of nature as a landscape painter. Its influence surrounds you as you become part of the western landscape … The land and the light in the West seems to interweave playfully as the sun makes its daily journey across the sky. That contrast, drama and inspiration are what my paintings strive to convey. The shapes, color, contrast and textures that this land offers is beyond description and in turn are the strongest elements that unite my work.

My goal for a landscape painting is to recreate the spirit of place … to transport the viewer to that unique space and moment of tranquility where they may discover their own respite, embrace their own moment of reflection and meditation and to instill in them the wonderful sense of being.